Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On October 20, 2010

On October 20th, we started with a group meeting about what everyone had accomplished on their own time during the week.  Michelle went over the emails that had been sent to everyone to confirm that the group was receiving them (our school’s email program has problems occasionally with sending and receiving email).

That morning, we all searched the internet together for pricing on banners and banner stands to determine whether it would be more cost-effective to fabricate them ourselves or just buy them.  After about an hour of this, we decided we were going to buy them.  We also discussed what we would need to have done by December 11th, the day Stephanie wanted the project to be done so she could showcase it at an important museum meeting.  We needed to have at least one banner designed and printed and the curatorial paper completed by December 11th.  The actual project for our class, however, was not due until December 15th.

In order to have all these things by December 11th, we decided to come up with a weekly schedule.  We also wrote the rough budget, rubric and Team Contract for our project.  During this time, our group encountered our first argument… over the proper use of Latin.

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