Friday, December 10, 2010

What We Did On December 8th

We met at 10 am to finish the last parts of the project.  Our first order of business was getting the promotional bookmarks printed.  Kyle arrived late because he had gone to Staples to confirm about pricing, sizing and document type with concern to the bookmarks.  When he arrived, he informed us that the first clerk he had spoken to back in October had lied to him and that Staples did not do custom bookmark printing – we needed to use their templates.  So, we spent the next hour panicking about how we would get our nicely designed bookmarks printed.  Sarah Emily came up with a printing place in Brockville that her museum uses to get promotional material done.  Michelle called and left a message, but by noon, they still had not called us back.  Kyle and Michelle checked out the Printshop at our college.  To our amazement, they did do custom printed bookmarks!  We were then able to calm down and get other small projects done.

Sarah Emily finalized all the details on the banners, such as sizing and placing the pictures.  She then handed each one off on a USB key to Kyle as she finished.  Kyle then sent them to print one by one.  We printed "The Artist" banner first.  It took almost an hour to print!  But, it did look really good when it did finally print.

Printing "The Artist" banner.

Finished "The Artist" banner.  (In photo: Sarah Anne and Kyle's hands)

Michelle worked on the final budget and the final storyline for our exhibit.  She also formatted and put together the exhibit brief during this time.  Theola worked on the photo and quick facts slideshow for the digital frame, and Sarah Anne helped while also taking pictures of the printing banner.  Theola also showed us the exhibit layout she had created.  It showed how the banners should be set up (the order), where they would go in relation to the table and where all the items would go on the table, such the activity and bookmarks.

By the time the first banner printed, our next class has started.  Kyle and Sarah Emily offered to stay and keep printing banners.  By the time our other class had ended at 7 pm, only three more banners had printed.  Kyle and Michelle then offered to come in the next evening, print the final banner, laminate them all and install them all inside the banner stands with the help of our instructor Mike Wheatley.

"The Mill of Kintail" banner after it had been laminated.

To keep them safe, Kyle rolled the banners until they could be installed in the banner stands.

On Wednesday night, Sarah Anne posted all the blog entries that she had written for the group on Monday.  Also, she rewrote the Wikipedia article by removing incorrect information as well as adding more detailed information.  She posted the new article later on in the week.

Original article that was posted on Wikipedia.

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