Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Library Book Debacle

In our schedule, we had originally wanted the curatorial paper researched, written and edited by November 10th; however, we encountered some problems with obtaining research.  Sarah Emily had requested several books on R. Tait McKenzie from the Ottawa Public Library at the beginning of October, but these had already been taken out by another library patron.  The books were supposed to have been returned by the end of October, but when our deadline for the curatorial paper had passed and the books had still not been returned, we became suspicious.  Since McKenzie was not a topic that everyone in Ottawa was keen on researching, we concluded that it must be someone else in our program.  We brainstormed who it could be, and Michelle decided to solve the problem by making an announcement to the class.  We found that a group in another AMS class had taken these books out for their project, and was incurring library fines because they still needed the books for research.  Sarah Emily advised one member in that other group about sharing common resources, such as library books, and reminded them that our project for our class was worth 100% of our grade.  After some negotiation, they agreed to return the books to the library that very day.  Sarah Emily got the books the next morning, and madly did the research on McKenzie, and wrote the curatorial paper overnight!  We were very grateful to her, and could then write all the text for our banners and bookmarks, as well as rewrite the Wikipedia article.  

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