Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On November 17, 2010

Our group met at Tim Horton’s at 9 am to go shopping for our exhibit materials.  Kyle drove us to Wal-Mart, Dollarama and Staples to put our items on hold for our instructor, Mike Wheatley, to purchase later in the day.  We bought the container that all the materials would go in when Stephanie travelled, the cookie cutter for the craft, as well as paint brushes and paint.  We also bought dividers and a binder for the curatorial essay.

Shopping at Wal-Mart: Michelle, Sarah Emily and Kyle are testing substitutes for a tablecloth.

When we got back from shopping, we each worked on different projects.  Sarah Emily worked on completing the banners and the bookmarks.  Theola, Kyle, Michelle and Sarah Anne worked on deciding which information to put in the banners and the bookmarks, and then writing that information up.  We used the research that Sarah Emily had gotten from the hard-to-obtain library books the night before.

During project time, our group got into two more petty arguments: (1) Michelle did not want to walk to our next class’ field trip in the rain.  Michelle wanted Kyle to park at the Rideau Center, not the streets near Laurier, in order to diminish the amount of time spent outside walking in the rain.  Kyle did not want to pay for parking.  Sarah Anne didn’t really want to walk in the rain either, but that was because she was sick.  Theola and Sarah Emily didn’t care either way.  We bribed Kyle into parking at the Rideau Center by offering to pay for parking.  (2) Theola does not like Apple computers, and Sarah Anne does.  There was an argument, Sarah Emily supported Theola and Kyle supported Sarah Anne.  Michelle wisely decided to stay out of it.  Our group concluded that we always seem to have petty arguments that have nothing to do with the actual project whenever it rains.

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