Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On November 3, 2010

We began our meeting by discussing pricing, especially the Crayola clay and sculpting tools we would be using in the outreach exhibit, the digital frame, bookmarks and banner stands.  We also took a look at everyone’s clay recipes, of which only one worked.  Sarah Emily’s clay was not useable, as it did not hold its shape for more than five seconds before turning back into a liquid, same with Kyle’s.  Theola’s was squishy like gummy candy.  Sarah Anne’s recipe worked the best, so it was decided that would be the recipe we would base the bookmark activity on.

Samples of the clay recipes we tested (from left to right): Theola's, Sarah Emily's, and Sarah Anne's

Detailed photo of Sarah Emily's clay recipe.

Video of Sarah Emily's "weird" clay.

From noon onwards, we worked on the banner designs and colour schemes.  Theola’s, Michelle’s and Sarah Emily’s ideas for the banner layout were combined with some input from Kyle.  The group went with Sarah Anne’s suggestion for the colour scheme: pulling the colours from the photos we took of the Mill and surrounding area – the stone colour of the wall’s, the green of the doors, the blue sky, the autumn leaves, etc.  Therefore, the banner design was created collectively using everyone’s input.

Sarah Emily and Theola working on the banner design.

Kyle reading out colour ID numbers from the photos of the Mill.

We colour-matched Theola's sweater for the subtitle on "The Athlete" banner.

Samples of the five banners we created (from left to right): "The Doctor," "The Athlete," "The Mill of Kintail," "The Soldier," and "The Artist."

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