Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On December 1, 2010

We met again at 9 am.  Theola, Sarah Anne and Michelle began the day by editing Sarah Emily’s curatorial paper.  Sarah Emily worked on editing and cropping the photographs for the banners that we took last week at the Mill.  Kyle arrived a quarter of the way through the editing process, and joined us in our “proper use of the comma” debate.  The editing process took approximately two hours to go through eleven pages because of the way we wanted to word things as well as our arguing over the “comma.”  We had some problems and misunderstandings while editing, but were able to overcome these problems by compromising and keeping the lines of communication open.

After this, we broke individually to work on the smaller things we needed to complete by next week.  Michelle went over the final budget to make sure all our materials were accounted for, Sarah Anne worked on the blog entries, and Theola and Kyle worked on the acrylic mount for the medallion.  Their first attempt failed when they heated the acrylic to bend it.  They had worked hard cutting the acrylic by hand, water sanding it then using heat to bend it, only to have the acrylic warp.  Both Kyle and Theola made the decision to come in on Monday to redo the mount.  Our instructor also laminated our sample panels to test their durability – they work!

At the end of the class, Michelle decided she would work on the Facebook and blog manuals at home, and Sarah Anne would also work on the blog and Wikipedia entries, as well as the educational program manual at home.

Kyle measuring the medallion.

Kyle cutting the acrylic on the band saw.

Kyle sanding the edges of the acrylic.

The materials used to sand the acrylic edges.

Bending the acrylic using heat.

Shaping the heated acrylic.

Heating a different section of the acrylic.

Bending the heated ledge to the shape of the medallion.

Theola adhering the ledge to the base using Methyl Chloride.

Materials used to adhere the two pieces of acrylic together.

The finished acrylic mount.

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