Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Note on Exhibition Duties

For our project, each of us were to be assigned specific roles or duties within our group.  As Exhibit Designer and Preparator, Kyle was in charge of choosing the exhibit furniture and display mounts and their fabrication.  As Exhibit Conservator and Registrar, Theola was in charge of choosing appropriate artifacts for our exhibit and their appropriate display.  She would also be responsible for any condition reports that needed to be written for the artifacts, as well as their storage, packing and transportation.  As our group got deeper and deeper into our project, we concluded that we were not using any artifacts, so Theola became the caretaker of the replica we were using instead.  Sarah Anne was responsible for developing the educational programming as the Curator of Education.  Michelle was responsible for deadlines, keeping our group in touch with the museum, developing the Facebook, Wikipedia and Blog pages, and coming up with promotional material (in our group’s case, bookmarks), as the Exhibit Public Relations Officer.  Sarah Emily was in charge of  research and the curatorial essay, as well as obtaining photographs to be used in our exhibit.  Because our exhibit is an outreach exhibit, the duties assigned to each role were small but precise, and we often helped each other get aspects of our roles done on time.  Everyone was responsible for helping to design the banners and bookmarks and for writing the text that would go on each.

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