Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On November 24, 2010

On November 24th, we were all supposed to meet with both Stephanie and Suzanne at the Mill of Kintail again, but Michelle was sick.  Theola, Kyle, and the Sarah’s wanted to get better quality photographs of the sculptures we would be using in the banners, as well as more information on McKenzie and some original photos of himself as a soldier, artist, teacher and doctor.  Theola, Kyle and Sarah Anne got better photos of “The Call,” “The Sprinter” and the woman with the laurel wreath.  Sarah Emily went with Stephanie to the gatehouse to find the information and the original photographs.

Sarah Anne taking photos of the "masks," while Theola looks on.

Photo of the Mill all dressed up for Christmas.

Suzanne and Stephanie accompanied our group back to the college to observe our work.  At this point, Michelle was feeling better and came to class.  Stephanie and Suzanne looked at our banner concept.  We discussed what we had now decided what to do with regards to our bookmarks, Facebook, Wikipedia and blog pages.  They both seemed very pleased with what we were accomplishing.  While Stephanie and Suzanne went to lunch, Sarah Emily madly rushed to scan all the original photos that she was given before Stephanie and Suzanne came back from lunch.

Talking with Stephanie (from left to right): Kyle, Sarah Anne, Sarah Emily, Theola, Stephanie and Michelle.

Inspecting the sample banners (from left to right): Kyle, Sarah Anne, Sarah Emily and Theola.

Michelle, Kyle and Sarah Anne worked on editing the wording for the banners.  After this, Theola and Kyle started working on the acrylic mount for the medallion from the gift shop.  Michelle and I helped Sarah Emily put the scanned photos into the banner and fix the font on the banners.

Sarah Emily cleaning up the original photos of McKenzie we got from Stephanie.

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