Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What We Did On November 10, 2010

We started out the day by being shown the banner stands we would be using by our instructor, Mike Wheatley.  We liked them because they were more substantial and had two feet instead of one, so they wouldn’t blow over in the wind if placed outside.  We put in an order for five.

We then put together a more concrete budget and broke off into groups to do our work.  Sarah Emily recreated our banner layouts in Illustrator (we had originally done them in Photoshop), and Michelle, Theola and Sarah Anne concentrated on creating the blog.  We wrote the first entry together, then emailed Stephanie about the blog, and set up a meeting to go over what we had accomplished for December 1st.  Kyle was in Washington, D.C. that week, but he would have lots of work waiting for him when he returned.

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